Chill MK-28000 with pump


Chill MK-28000 with pump

Magnus Chill MK-21000 is a professional cooling system for the MW-350 and MW-700 with an advanced pyrolysis cooling system design.

The Chill Chill MK-21000 can be used with a maximum of  21000 watt
The Chiller will be supplied complete with hoses and connections.

The main features:
- specific disconnection alarm security protection
- Hermetic type water, water is available for a long time used
- Real-time temperature monitoring, accurate knowledge of heating devices working condition
- Professional air-cooled forced radiator with strong heat dissipating capacity and difficult to be blocked up
- Equipped with alarm output port to protect sensitive components quickly.
- High cost performance, Low failure rate

To protect the led diodes the cooler fan will suspend to work when the water temperature is lower than 10°c , and will restart to run when the water temperature rises higher than 20°c

- It is strictly forbidden to connect the chiller without water.
- Cooler should be placed in a well ventilated, dry place away from heat sources.
- The cooling water should be drained and when the chiller has to be transported or when not in use for a long time. 
- To protect equipment, the condenser cooling fan will suspend to work when the water temperature is lower (10 degrees) and it will run again when the temperature rises to higher (20 degrees)


  • Brand: Magnus Light
  • Product Code: MK-21000
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